High Class spa for Businessmen 
( 15 Services in 1)
Rates : 
- $1800/3 hours
- $2000/3,5 hours
- $3000/5,5 hours
Included : 8 sessions 

SESSION 1 :Body Detox 
- Body Detox : stimulates and strengthens the body's immune system, improving blood circulation, removing toxins, preventing acne.
- Teatox
- Sauna together 
- Delta Brainwave music( 0.5HZ- 4Hz) :solution for deep sleep, no dreaming.
- Foot Detox by : Himalayan Mineral Salt,eucalyptus + Pepermint + pomelo skin + ginger+ lemongrass

SESSION 2 :Phisical Therapy:

- Clear Negative Energy : Delta Brainwave ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz)
- B
ack cracking
- Muscle stretches for hip, shoulder , legs
- Forehead stretches, and upper back stretches

- Trigger points( body pain Reduction)
- Neuromuscular 
- Balance The Body  
- Foot Massage

SESSION 3 : Bazan Hot stone pain relief solution : 
- Relieve muscle spasm, pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.
- Releases toxins & improves skin appearance.
- Significantly reduce stress & anxiety.
- Improves blood circulation and flow of energy.


SESSION 4Anal sex (Natural Oral/BBBJ, prostate,rimming,cim,anal sex)
-Cockballs Massage
Natural Oral
- Rimming on you
_G spot by anal prostate and cockball massage
Anal Sex 
-CIM (cum in mouth)

SESSION 5 : Frozen labradorite 
A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities.

SESSION 6 :Guru +SEX(sex, BBBj/Natural Oral ,rimming, prostate,CIM)
- Nude Bodywork slide by
seaweed/ Rose mallow Gel
Anal Massage/ prostate/ G spot/ ass massage/ cockball massage
- Electronic anal vibrator
Strap on ( size : S_M_L)
deep french Kiss 
Rimming on you
Natural Oral
CIM ( cum in mouth )
- Finish by SEX

SESSION 7Head and Facial Therapy ( highly Recommended by previous clients)
- Facial Massage 
- Professional Head + neck Massage 
- Head Trigger points 
- Facial Mask skincare
- Hair washing and water Therapy 

- Hydro Therapy by Jacuzzie (watching video ) 
- Warm water massage with bubble bath 
- Reduce stress and Pain Releif 
- Refresh body

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