13.Kama Koumon

Its not just a sex, its The art Of Sexual Life.
The Art of Guru  + PSE (sex,anal sex, BBBJ, Natural Oral,Rimming,CIM)

- Strong connecttion from Body to body.

- Awaken the hidden ability inside you.

- stirmulating nerve sensation can help with bigger and firmer erections
-Extremly excited & horny more than PSE ( sex only)
-Anal sex is Intimate & tighter 

- $1000/90mins
- $1300/ 2hours 


A/ The Product : (will be applied on you )

- Essence : Orange/ Lavender Rose/ Lemongrass ( by your Request).
- Base Oil: 
Coconut Oil/ Jojoba oil
- Base Gel : Aloe vera
- Foundation Gel : Rose Mallow.

B/ The Meditation :
DEEP THETA Binaural Beats Brain Wave : 432 - 852 HZ.
-Anti Anxity ,boost  possitive thinking.
- Sleeping meditation hypnosis.

C/The Therapy
-Pain Relief: head,neck,shoulder,back,lower Back,legs 
-Balance The body : Trigger Points - Neuromuscular 

D/ The Art of Guru

stirmulating nerve sensation : L1,2,3,4 - T12.
Prostate -
- Technique : GRT -
Awaken the hidden ability inside you

E/ The Erotic
-French Kiss
- Anal massage/Prostate massage/ Strap on
- Penis massage
- Balls stroke

- Rimming on you 
-Nude body slide 

F/ The Happy Ending
Natural Oral/BBBJ
- Sex/ Anal Sex.

G/ The Showering :
- Mary Kay will help you shower and remove oil/gel o your Body

- Enjoy Ceylon & Assam leaf Teas in Spa Room

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