18.Guru ultrasonic

Guru Ultrasonic Therapy is a form of non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasonic Waves energy to help activate cell metabolism restoring its natural balance combines with shockwave  is very effective and safe for chronic, proximal, insertional plantar fasciitis with or without heel spurs. The results are excellent with no long-term complications,its stronger than Frequency waves, increasing vascularisation and the internal temperature of the targeted tissues.

An effective solution for :

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Backache, neck pain
  • Sprains, fractures, muscle damage
  • Tendonitis and bursitis
  • sciatica nerve pain

Rates :
$650 90mins 
$900 2hours Get FREE Water Therapy Treatment valued at $200 

Process included :( a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k )
*Free Fresh Fruit + Herbal Tea

Process included :( a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h )
*Free Fresh Fruit + Herbal Tea
a-Radio Frequency Therapy Machine - shockwave machine : 
- A
ctivate cell metabolism restoring its natural balance.
- Very effective and safe for chronic, proximal, insertional plantar fasciitis with or without heel spurs
- Dual Reduce pain, customers can see results at first treatment, more effecitive than service No17
b- Products:
- organic Rose mallow Gel
- organic essence oil: mandarin/ lavender/ lemongrass
- Treatment oil : Olive/ coconut
- Hair shampoo : L'ocitane DE France
- Shower Gel : deep sea salt Australian Made - Oil Removing Gel
Antibacteria :  alcoholic beverage (naturally vegan), Betadine
c. Boby Cracking - chiropractic: 
Back cracking
- Hip cracking
- shoulder cracking

d- Stretch Muscles :

- Forehead stretches, and upper back stretches
- Calf , Hip stretches

e- Radio Frequency Therapy- shockwave :
Depend on which parts of your body pain that you want to be concentrated by following : 

- Neck- shoulder 

-Lower Back 
- Legs 

- Hand- Arm

- sciatica nerve 

f. Therapy:
Clear Negative Energy : Delta Brainwave ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz) ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz)
- Trigger points

g- Massge : 

- Full Body massage
 Foot Massage
- Nude Body slide

h. Technique:
- GRT -Awaken the hidden ability inside you
- Neuromuscular 
- Human emotional nervous system

i- Erotic : 
- Ass massage
- Penis massage
- Anal Massage
- Prostate massage
- Kissing.
- Rimming on You
- BBBJ ( Natural Oral )

j- Happy Ending : 
- Orgasm by Rimming - BBBJ and CIM (cum in mouth)

k- Shower together: 
- Mary will help you remove oil/gel on your body.
- Washing your hair by request.


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