2.GURU Recover Energy

Prostate Therapy Experience - Deep Relaxing 
Rate : 
-$300 60 mins
included :
- Fresh Herbal Tea
- Delta Brainwave ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz)
- Therapy Reduce Body Pain :head,neck,shoulder,back,lower Back,legs.
- Foot Massage

- Ass massage
- Anal Massage/prostate massage/ Strap on.
- Penis massage
- Body slide by  Rose mallow gel.
- Kissing
- Happy Ending by Penis & Prostate massage.
- Shower together.

Attendtion :
- Mary Kay DOES NOT do Handjob in This guru session (Except for when prostate massage does not work on you but it's very rare 99% cum by prostate and penis massage from Back side).

Question : how do you make me reach to ogasm without handjob ? 
 Answer : Mary Kay focus on human emotional system , 
physical nerve system and  prostate - Gspot to guide you to climax

Question : what is the benefit of physical  prostate  ogasm? 
Answer : There are 7 benefits of prostate ogasm :

Prostate Handjob
- Reach orgasm naturally -force to cum by hand
- Balancing sexual stimulation and recover energy - Control by hand and mind
- Relaxing and calming - Non relaxing, stressful
-Reduce risk of prostate cancer  
-prevents bladder injections  
-Stronger erections - Tired after climax
-Climax from backside Climax from front side 
Is prostate massage done inside or outside anus ?
- Depends on each indavidual person. Sexual stimulation can be different,  Some reach orgasm inside anus ( 10%), some feeling stronger stimerlatiion outside anus ( 90%).
Question :Why you dont do happy ending by handjob ?
Answer : I am a nurse background, was trained to practise by science and knowdge, if you wanna do handjob ? better to stay at home, watch porn and do it by your self. Save money.

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