3.GURU Sutra

Guru session + (BBBj/Natural Oral + prostate+ Rimming +CIM)         
 Rates :
$450 60mins

$650 90mins 
$850 2hours Get FREE Water Therapy Treatment valued at $200 

included :
a. Phisical Therapy: 

- Detox herbal Tea 
- Clear Negative Energy : Delta Brainwave ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz)
- B
ack cracking
- Muscle stretches for hip, shoulder , legs
- Forehead stretches, and upper back stretches

- Trigger points( body pain Reduction)
- Neuromuscular 
- Balance The Body  
- Foot Massage
b. Erotic : 

Ass massage
Anal Massage/prostate massage/ Strap on.
- Balls massage 
- Pennis Massage

- Nude body slide by rose mallow Gel
- GRT -Awaken the hidden ability inside you
d. Happy ending
-  Kissing
- Rimming On YOu 
- Natural Oral 
- CIM ( Cum in Mouth) 
e. Shower :
- Mary will help you remove gel/Oil on you body and hair washing if you prefer.

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