8.GURU-PSE Guru koumon Adult Massage Melbourne

8.GURU-PSE (kama koumon): カーマスートラ セックス
GURU Session + PSE (sex,anal sex, BBBJ, Natural Oral,Rimming,CIM)

Benefits : 
-Reduce stress - Pressure , Not be tired after Sex
-Deep sleep at night 
-Prostate massage & can help with bigger and firmer erections
-Extremly excited & horny more than classic sex 

-Anal sex is Intimate & tighter 

- $700/h
- $1300/ 2hours Get FREE water Therapy Treatment Valued at 200$ .

Process included :( a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i )
*Free Fresh Fruit + Herbal Tea
a- Products:
- organic Rose mallow Gel
- organic essence oil: mandarin/ lavender/ lemongrass
- Treatment oil : Olive/ coconut
- Hair shampoo : L'ocitane DE France
- Shower Gel : deep sea salt Australian Made - Oil Removing Gel
b. Boby Cracking - chiropractic: 
Back cracking
- Hip cracking
- shoulder cracking

c- Stretch Muscles :

- Forehead stretches, and upper back stretches
- Calf , Hip stretches

d. Therapy:

Clear Negative Energy : Delta Brainwave ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz) ( 0.5HZ- 4Hz)
- Trigger points
Reduce Body Pain :head,neck,shoulder,back,lower Back,legs.

e- Massge : 

- Full Body massage
 Foot Massage
- Nude Body slide

f. Technique:
- GRT -Awaken the hidden ability inside you
- Neuromuscular 
- Human emotional nervous system

g- Erotic : 
- Ass massage
- Penis massage
- Anal Massage
- Prostate massage
- Kissing.
- Rimming on You
- BBBJ ( Natural Oral )

h- Happy Ending : 
- Orgasm by Anal sex/BBBJ/CIM

i- Shower together: 
- Mary will help you remove oil/gel on your body.
- Washing your hair by request.


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