For New Customers

1. What is Brainwaves ?

- Traditionally, these fall into 4 types:Delta waves,  Theta waves, Alpha waves, Beta waves.
- Sleep deeper at night, calming.
- BrainWaves ( Delta and Alpha ) are very effective in sexual Emotion balance  and body to maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of challenge and change. Emotional balance promotes physical health, and is a prerequisite for personal wellbeing and growth.


2. What is Prostate Massage ?
 - Prostate massage is the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland for  sexual stimulation and is essential for the production of semen.
- Balancing sexual stimulation and recover energy .
- Prostate combined with penis massage often in order to reach orgasm naturally (not forcing body to cum like self masterbasion).

Is prostate massage done inside or outside anus ?
- Depends on each indavidual person. Sexual stimulation can be different,  Some reach orgasm inside anus ( 10%), some feeling stronger stimerlatiion outside anus ( 90%).

Benefits :
Prostate Handjob
- Reach orgasm naturally -force to cum by hand
- Balancing sexual stimulation and recover energy - Control by hand and mind
- Relaxing and calming - Non relaxing, stressful
-Climax from backside Climax from front side 

3. Why Guru spa is expensive  ?
Products Mary Kay Spa Description Massage Shop
Guru Gel $72/bottle/client seaweed + rose Mallow no gel
organic Oil $23/bottle/client   baby oil cost $2/client
Water proof bed sheet $39/each/client use once/through away 1 bed sheet use for all clients
Anti Bacteria liquid $4/client   NO
OIl removal Soap $3/client   No 
Water, electric,towels... $5/client   $5/client
Advertising $25/client limited clients $5/client- unlimited
Enviroment    5 start apartment standard 95% dirty , smelly
Herbal Tea+ fruit Free for all clients   No 
ToTal Cost : $171/ client   Cost : $ 12

   -For all products Mary Kay provides in  guru session to show you what you pay for,  so  If you are looking for cheap services with low quality , please dont bother to contact.  

4. Length of Your Booking : 
If you book 1 hour then you have 60 mins to do everything in your session : 
- Time to  start 
: When you enter my Apartment.
- Time to  finish: After finishing  shower and get change. 
Please note : 
- Time of session will be recorded exactly every minute.
-Your Time is your money so if you use it for  smooking, makeup, talking on phone ..bla bla.. Your guru session will be cut short.
- If you  climax early, your session still keep going until your time is over.

5. Showering :

- First shower : you will take shower by your self to clean private parts ( penis + anus : To make sure they are clean and no smelly ) .
- Second shower( after finish your booking ) : Mary will shower for you , help you remove oil and gel on your skin. 

                                             Thank you for your cooperation !
                                                                           Mary Kay