1.GURU Standard Nude Body To Body Slide Massage Melbourne

Rate :
-$250/ 45mins

included :
- Body Cracking
- Tretching muscles

- Nude body to body slide ( Malow rose gel)
- Prostate Massage 
- Penis massge 
- Happy ending by : Sacred spot of prostate
- shower together 
Attendtion : This Package is Basic, short and rush so if you are hard to erection or take long time to cum, should not select it. 
Mary recommends similar services are  No2 or No3 or No17

Extra Services:

- Natural Oral  : +100$
-CIM ( cum in mouth ): +100$
- Rimming ON you : +100$
- straps on : + 50$ 
- Sauna with japanese herbal- Foot DeTox : +200$

- Mary Kay DOES NOT do Handjob in This guru session (Except for when prostate massage does not work on you but it's very rare 99% cum by prostate and penis massage from Back side).

Question : how do you make me reach to ogasm without handjob ? 
 Answer : Mary Kay focus on human emotional system , 
physical nerve system and  prostate - Gspot to guide you to climax

Question : what is the benefit of physical  prostate  ogasm? 
Answer : There are 7 benefits of prostate ogasm :

Prostate Handjob
- Reach orgasm naturally -force to cum by hand
- Balancing sexual stimulation and recover energy - Control by hand and mind
- Relaxing and calming - Non relaxing, stressful
-Reduce risk of prostate cancer  
-prevents bladder injections  
-Stronger erections - Tired after climax
-Climax from backside Climax from front side 

Is prostate massage done inside or outside anus ?
- Depends on each indavidual person. Sexual stimulation can be different,  Some reach orgasm inside anus ( 40%), some feeling stronger stimerlatiion outside anus ( 60%).
Question :Why you dont do happy ending by handjob ?
Answer : I am a nurse background, was trained to practise by science and knowdge, if you expect to do by handjob ? better to stay at home, watch porn and do it by your self. Save money. 

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