The blacklist is a special list which includes characters : Superman, Spiderman, Hollywood stars and any kind of person that behaves different to normal human ( kind of : Drug, Mental Problem, Scam, offensive and threatening)

 Drug + Mental Problem
     1.Name : xeng Cheng
  • nick name : john
  • punter  account : 720house
  • Age : 25 – 29
  • Nationality : chinese (pretend to be Bangladeshi)
  • Height: Average – Around 140cm – 160cm
  • Body Shape: very skinny
  • Drug/cocaine/heroine : yes
  • Date of session : 12/12/2016
  • Phone number : +614519932729.
  • Time of  kick out : 3pm 12/12/2016
  • Database record for evidence .
- Dont Try To Break my Rules !!!
- Respect will get respect, Rudeness will receive rudeness. 
- Men !! Don't expect people to be nice to you if you are poor at communicating.

Melbourne Victoria Pimps report :

1.- Name : Adam Murray
- Nationality : Aussie
- Account : Adz007- connoisseur.
- Using Multi fake accounts on PP web

- Personality : Doggy, Toxic
- Type : Pimp 
- Location : melbourne
- Session : recover engery
- Date : 28/2/2018
- session started : 9.58pm - finished : 11.05pm ( 67 mins- over Time: 7 mins ).
- Expected : cheap service.
- Defamation and threantening .
- Database record for evidence.

This Pimp is truly a Toxic, a Pit bull. He contacted to his colleagues, makeup drama story and attacked Mary.  They write whatever they want without vertify information real or fake. They made False information to control girls who dont obey them and made reviews pretend to be victims. They attacked anyone who try to protect to working girls.

He and his colleagues (pimps- chihuhua) who  advertise prostitutes by Reviews on adult webs ( if girls pay, they will make fake good reviews, if not pay they will make bad reviews for Their purpose ). Real clients never and dont have time to make hundreds or thousands reviews for free  !!!


2- Name ( Real Name ): Wassim Daher
- Nationality : Lebanese - middle East
- Phone number : +61410737885/ 0410737885
- Age : 28- 35 
- Body Type : Skinny, look like A
- Personality : Rude
- Friendly : No
- Beard : yes, black and messy beard
- Breath : extreamly bad smell
- A member ( Master of prostitute website) since 2016
- Nick name ( anonymous ) Asianboi's
- Appoitment : 6.35pm 7/10/2019
- Came late : 15 mins
- Over time : 10 mins 
This is not the first time i expose prostute pimps. Wassim Daher is a master of adult website from 2016 with many reviews about women, He considers women are products that they can judge, share and trading.
There were many times i was in controlled by pimp since i started to work in this industry.
There are many ways to control by prostute pimps : 
1. Pretend to be good customers and feed girls by drugs, this is the common way .
2. If girls against pimp, they will make false information or fake reviews to make sure those girls cant work independent and have to belong to them. 
3. Pimps do marketing for prostitue by make super good reviews to lead stupid sheeps to book their girls on sex forum or sex group chat by anonymous and block all response from girls. Truly customers they dont mind to review by real emails and vertified.

4. All pimps own at least 10 anonymous differnt nick names per pimp and all pimps support to each other, if any girl against them, they will pretend to  be customers jump in and bark very loud like hunting dogs as i was attacked by them in the past. so if you are attacked by them or a group of pimps, please make a report and keep all evidence and public on famous website like escort and babes, scarlet blue, private girls or the world of working girls reviews, facebook , twiiter. Do Not be scared, take them from the dark and unmask them . If they threanten you, report to police or sue them to court. once you take them to court they will pay very expensive price for their private lifes, family, friends, colleagues,etc...everyone will know they are prostute pimps....who treat women like products.

5. In Pimp forum, they block all girls who try to respond or explain,they protect to each other so unauthorised reviews, fake reviews ,make up reviews made by pimps so no one knows , dont waste time to respond ,  public them on your own website on many escort forums.

6 . Quick look on pimps forum, they talk alot about laws but i guess in their mind there are no human laws for working girls. they decribe girls like animals even pregnant women they also shared and talk,  laugh,judge, sex no condom, bla bla....

Overview about Wassim Daher pimp:

Skinny body look like addict, his beard cover almost half face makes him look like 50 years old.
His breath is horrible , extreamly bad, i guess this guy hasn't brushed his teeth or wash his mouth for months.

 He made appoitment at 6.35pm 7/10/2019
- 6.38pm havent shown up yet, i texted and asked him " where are you ?"
- 6.45pm he pressed intercom to enter the building
- 6.50pm showed up and knocked the door. Totally late 15mins
Enter my Unit with a Heavy Face, without saying hello or sorry for being late....quite rude
- Time of booking started at 6.50pm once he entered my unit 
- I guided him to massage room to get change and shower, while i arrange stuffs for his therapy.
- 6.57pm he finised shower.
- Therapy session started at 7pm to 7.55pm. i showered for him from head to toes and he left at 8pm .

i would not unmask this pimp if he just says doent like my service ,no one force him like if he doesnt want, just go away and find new cheap places out there, dont need to make up Drama story like a clown. But in his review is fully of lying, judging so i decided to expose this pimp .

In his Review he turns to be a poor victim ( like he was rip off, cut his time short, etc...) but he didnt mention that he came late 15mins,rude, over my time 10 mins. 
i found out this guy lied and got complent from massage girls on scarletblue, private girls forum and world of sex worker review forum. They both said he is a cheap ass, expect cheap service and free extra, everytime he visits girls just for touching boobs or lick pu**sy, not concentrate on massage at all.  He is in the dark by anonymous too long, now its time to take this pimp to the light.

 I run my business by program to manage customers better, good customers care, easy to check regulars comeback and noitced bad characters with red flags such as : pimps, drunk, drug, addict, jerk, mental issues,...easy to check day/time check in- check out of customers, it records exactly every second and easy to check reviews if any doggy try to make up it. so if you are working girls, contact me to share information.

i expose
Wassim Daher pimp with evidence, not for fun and i swear for all what i said are honest  and im happy to provide more evidence to police if requested to arrest all pimps who are trading on women.