Mary Kay Official Policies

1- Please Book directly from website( For all customers no exception) to let me know : which service? date? Time? How long for booking?  Click Here
(Mary Won't reply/answer any questions without  information requirement above)

Fill in the booking Form -> press " send"

2-Pre-Booking In Advance to get a Suitable Time: Mary Kay is always fully booked everyday  so last minute bookings are only Luck from cancellation.
3- Deposit or vertify information ( if you are foreigner,can't deposit) is A Must for all new customers. 
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4- Guru Package is run by process included : Body Cracking , therapy, massage, Erotic and orgasm( is indeed benefit but not the primary focus). So if you are looking for happy ending only then Mary Kay spa is not a right Place to visit.

5- For Legal Law : Customers must be over 18 years old, Non Drunk or Drug.
6- Bookings will be rejected as follow : 
- First time customers who are Poor at comunicating : rude, disrespectful, lazy to read information which provided on website .
- Repeat customers who are poor at personality, expect escoting stuffs in Therapy sessions ( golden shower, cosplay, grabbing, annoying, moving around while Mary practises on your Body).

7- Length of Your Booking : 
If you book 1 hour then you have 60 mins to do everything in your session : 
Time to  start : When you enter my Apartment.
Time to  finish: After finishing  shower and get change. 
Please note : 
-Your Time is your money so if you use it for  smooking, makeup, talking on phone ..bla bla.. Your guru session will be cut short.
- If you  climax early, your session still keep going until your time is over.

8- Showering :

- First shower : you will take shower by your self to clean private parts ( penis + anus : To make sure they are clean and no smelly ) .
- Second shower( after finish your booking ) : Mary will shower for you , help you to remove oil and gel on your skin. 

Thank you for your cooperation !

Mary Kay Official