Question & Answer

1. Can i show up without appoitment ?
Sorry. No. Due to high volume of Bookings and security so show up without oppoitment will be rejected
2. Which bookings will be rejected ?

Mary Kay won't answer/reply any questions without information as a respection like :  - Your name ?which service? date? Time? How long for booking?
- Calls/texts many times as spam, ignore to make booking from website.
- Lazy to read information provided on website but harrasment to call and talking around .
- Rude messages : " hey', " when next appoitmen?", " available?", "Free?"," you guys available?"
- Mental requirments : " can you wear high heel to walk on my body?", " can you use your hair massage for me?", etc,..

3. Can i shower at your spa before we start? 
- Yes. All shower gel,shampoo, bath stuffs, Fresh Tower are ready for you.
For customers book for 30mins standar service, please shower at home before coming to save your time for Therapy session otherwise not enough time).
4.Should i arrange anything before coming ?
- Should not eat too full due to Guru Therapy included body cracking and stretching may cause pressure on your stomach.
5. Is it hurt when you stretch and crack on me?
Before we start to process, Mary will ask you some questions by following :
- Your age ? ( skip cracking if you are over 65 years old ).
- Surgery ? (skip cracking if your surgery under 1 year )
- How high and how weight are you ? (skip cracking if you are overweight).
- There are 3 levels you can choose to practice : soft, medium, hard .
6. Can i request some extra services out of your list?
- Sorry. No. I concentrate on services listed on website only. 
7. How many times can i climax during the session ?
- Climax is necessary but not a must . Guru Therapy is a long process, Mary concentrates on nature of body, let it happens by natural way, doesn't matter how many times and depend on how long you book for .
8. Can i do some naughty stuffs on you during the session ?
- Sorry. No. You may able to be asked to leave right away if out of controlling and no refund.
- Guru process 100% both you and Mary are nude but doesn't mean you are allowed to treated me rude and disrespectful.
9. I got problem with climax because of masturbate. Can you Help?
- Hand relief can help to reduce stress but shouldn't do everyday, you can do 1 to 3 times per week. if over than that, please stop it at least for 2 weeks and stop forcing your body climax before make appoitment for Guru Therapy.
10. I had a prostate surgery years ago i feel like stuck, Can you help me climax?
- Yes. I can help you climax by GRT physical technique but your Penis may not able to get erection.
11. I got Problem with Erection and firming. Can you help?
-The Reason causes your problem is : your nerves, Blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease,multiple sclerosis,diabetes or mental shock ( beak up, dirvoce, etc,..)......
- Guru Therapy can fix your physical work like : mental shock, nerves, stress but for diseases you should visit doctor specialist to get treatment.
12. which circumstances should not make appoitment to Mary Kay ?
Should not make appoitment if you are :
Paraphilia Disorder : is a visual sexual disorder. In this case, Patients love to watch sexual parts ( like vagina) even
sexual parts of animals.
- Drunk, drug, Mental issues.
- After surgery under 6 months.
- Booking for nude therapy but expect to be treated like escorting in  brothels.
- under 18 years old, over 85 years old.
- Expect naughty girls with silly stuffs.
- Watch too porn, hand relief everyday.
13. Can i see you before making appoitment ?
- Yes. I charge by time. $200/30mins for consulting,charge by credit card up front.
14. Can i request to concentrate on the parts  where i feel sored? 

- Yes. Sure. 
15. Should i deposit again after first booking ?
- No. Deposit is a Must just  for all new customers to avoid fake bookings, time wasters. 
- No Deposit requirment for repeat/regulars customers but will be asked again if you cancel booking without notice.
16. How much for deposit ?
- You can check it here :
17. I dont want to deposit because of my private, so what should i do ?
- There are 4 options to deposit , you can select one suits you like optus recharge mobile or optus voucher that you can buy in convinience shop anywhere.
- If you are worry about loosing money then you can vertify your personal information to make sure you are genuine customer .
All customer's private information will be kept in secret by Laws.

         Thank you for your cooperation !
                             Mary Kay official